Twitter – A Cost-Effective Online Marketing Tool
that's Gaining Popularity with Small Businesses

Social media outlet Twitter has been gaining popularity lately as a simple, cost-effective marketing tool for small businesses – online marketing consultants have touted the many uses of Twitter as a customer service platform, marketing and brand monitoring tool.

Twitter is a relatively new social networking tool, starting as a side project in March, 2006. It can be characterized a “micro-blog” of sorts – short messages or “tweets” (140 characters or less) are exchanged between users. Because of its simplicity, users can send “tweets” over their Blackberrys or other hand-held PDA devices.

A recent blog post on indicated Twitter received nearly 8 million visitors in the month of February and was the third most popular social networking utility behind MySpace and Facebook.

Five hundred small businesses across Great Britain were recently surveyed by the O2 firm  –  17% of them reported having a profile on Twitter, with a quarter of those signing up in the couple of weeks prior to the survey.

Current economic circumstances have pushed many small businesses to find cost-effective marketing, customer service and recruiting solutions

Over 28% of survey respondents stated that being able to stay in touch with other small businesses on Twitter helped boost their confidence. And it delivered marketing cost savings too with a third of respondents claiming they saved almost $1500 and one in ten saying they've seen over $7000 in savings.

After further analysis of the data, nearly three-quarters of the companies surveyed recognized cost saving benefits of Twitter – 42% saw the medium as a great way to communicate with suppliers and customers and 34% view Twitter as a good way to monitor their competition.

Simon Devonshire, head of small business marketing at O2, summed it up: “The way small businesses are using Twitter is a great example of how the community is embracing new technologies in order to adapt and survive in the current economic climate”.

It's easy to get started on Twitter – – create an account in just minutes and start “tweeting” with peers in your industry and prospective customers. If you'd like assistance in integrating Twitter or starting a social media communications plan, let SEO Advantage® know today!

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